Exhibition — 25 Apr until 7 Jun 2002

The yearly selection of the Best Dutch Book Designs dates back from 1926. This year’s selection took place  for the 44th time.

Dutch publishers, graphic designers and printers laid 425 books before the jury, which consisted of graphic designers Simon Davies and Rick Vermeulen, writer/designer Jan Middendorp, educational publisher Anne Rube and printer Martien Ulder. The jury chose 42 books, among them two catalogues from the Stedelijk Museum. Life in a Glass House, Een voorstel tot Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen 2001/2002, designed by Coup (Peter van den Hoogen and Erica Terpstra), was nominated in the Occasional Publications category, and the catalogue Conceptuele kunst in Nederland en België 1967-1975, by Wigger Bierma and Ingo Offermans (issued in cooperation with NAi Publishers) was nominated in the category Informative Books.

All 42 publications selected will be on display in the Stedelijk Museum through June 8. After that the exhibition will travel on to the Meermanno Museum in The Hague, and in October to the Frankfurt Book Fair. After the close of this tour the Best Designed Book Foundation will present the selection to the German Library in Frankfurt, the Meermanno Museum and the Rare Book Division at the University of Amsterdam Library.

The catalogue De Best Verzorgde Boeken 2002 / The Best Dutch Book Designs will appear to accompany the exhibition.