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Working with our long-standing partners, the Stedelijk Museum develops an original, bespoke program with measurable results that brings both partners rich rewards. 

Our partners

Aedes Real Estate

Aedes Real Estate and its founder Paul Geertman are steadfast supporters of the Stedelijk Museum. Our partnership focuses primarily on video art. In 2015, Aedes Real Estate supported the Ed Atkins solo Recent Ouija, a particularly insightful, generous recognition of Atkins’ artistic ambitions. The enormous video screen installed in our redesigned entrance area in September 2017 was also financed by Aedes Real Estate, and enables us to share video art with visitors from the moment they set foot in the museum. For both parties this underlines the importance of video as a relatively new artform, and the position it now occupies in both the collection of the Stedelijk and in society as a whole. 

Tata Steel Nederland

For the new collection presentation STEDELIJK BASE, Tata Steel Nederland, the Stedelijk Museum and AMO/ Rem Koolhaas with Federico Martelli, joined forces to create a world first. The remarkable project was realized through the flexibility of all involved. Tata Steel Nederland’s spirit of innovation coupled with the unwavering efforts of its staff, resulted in a multi-purpose, recyclable and sustainable product. The 180 tons of steel in STEDELIJK BASE represent an extraordinary feat of Dutch workmanship. Watch a short documentary on the making of STEDELIJK BASE.

Driven by the ambition of achieving the impossible, Tata Steel Nederland, the Stedelijk Museum and AMO partnered in the creation of an innovative design, resulting in a concept both revolutionary and unique.